Saturday, April 28, 2007

PhD in Evolution of Aging

I'm looking into a possible PhD project with Dr Russell Bonduriansky at UNSW studying the environmental affects on the ageing of wild and lab colonies of some Australian species of flies. I've got a few months before I need to get my application in, so I am going to spend some time reading his articles and getting familiar with the topic (since I am coming from a molecular biology background and this is a population genetics field more than anything else).

Not much else to say on that for the moment. Still early days.

In other news I just complete my transcription of a the Debate on the Ethics of spending money on a project to advance our progress in lifespan extension from the Edmonton Symposium. You can see the forum thread on the topic at ImmInst. I will also be writing a commentary on it soon, which I might be able to publish here. And I do have quite a lot to say about what was said in that debate! :)

One more piece of news, completely unrelated this time, I also just completed an article on website construction and marketing as a means of working from home. It will be published on sometime in the coming week I expect.



BloggerAmI said...

Ever checked out ?

Shane said...

Never really looked at it, but then I've never held 'Answers In Genesis' in high regard anyway.