Friday, November 16, 2007

TDMSKP Progress

My latest website, is coming along very nicely now. I am actually very happy with the progress I have made with it. A few more tweaks and I will be happy enough with what is there (there are always super tweaks which I would love to implement but which are beyond my coding capabilities), and then the real challenge will be to bring in the people.

As TDMSKP is half wiki-guide, and half forum based community (and half trip reports), most of the content on the site is dependent on user interactions and additions. So now is the gargantuan task of bringing in enough people so that some of them add to the site, as well as working on the site full time myself to grow the content as much as I can.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I've started to make the first moves on yet another website. This one I am very excited about. is the URL I have for it, and the website will be called TDM SKP (Tedium Escapee) and I aim to make it the number one resource for outdoor sports information in Australia. I'm starting with canyoning, but it will grow from there.

I will be canyoning pretty much every week over summer, filming and photographing the canyons around sydney. The website will have a blog with trip reports, video footage from each canyon, and then a wiki guidebook where users can edit and over time we will hopefully have a complete guide for every outdoor sports venue - track in Australia.

There will also be a forum where the community can get together and chat about whatever, ask questions about safety etc, as well as find groups to join and go adventuring with.

It shall be fun.